About Simon; about this site

About me

Welcome to my weblog. I am a Yorkshireman in his 50s living in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

This blog is about the ups and downs, and the near and fars of my life. It is not a source of knowledge or wisdom; it is just a source of experience, opinion and occasionally some cynicism. Perhaps “occasionally” is the wrong word, though..

I have a dog, Maisie, who is 8 years old or, in dog years, in her 50s. I’m 357 years old or, in human years, in my 50s. I fill my time with photography, graphic design, web design and composing music. When work is available, I also park cars at an airport to fund the above.

About this site

I began blogging in 1996, back when I was thirty and the word “blog”, and even “web log”, had yet to be born. My blogs have all fallen by the wayside, as such things often do, domains expired and content long lost. Such is the nature of the internet; at one time, nothing in the ether was permanent.

This is the latest iteration of my blog and the first to use a content management system not coded by me from the ground up. This one too may fall by the wayside, as all previous have done. I am not promising anything. I’m fickle. As fickle as they come.

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