Spring is beginning to show. It’s  a slow and very gradual process but there are signs that we’re turning the corner. Flowers are beginning to erupt in meadows and some trees are even beginning to blossom. They’re few and far between but they’re still turning up.

Days are getting longer. The windows of opportunity to catch some brighter skies outside of working hours during the week are expanding, and we start with the best hour too… “Golden Hour” – the last hour before sunset, when the sun’s light takes on a wonderful golden glow. As long as it’s not cloudy, of course. Generally, during this process, photographers like me begin to feel like photographers again. The obstacles in the way of taking photos at leisure gradually fall away as the sun climbs higher and higher in the sky, and as subjects begin to present themselves more readily.

Life everywhere is beginning to reappear, and it feels good.

My favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn, not just because of the variety in colour in those two seasons but also the variability in weather. Spring, I find, brings the best mix of sky and clouds. I love the colours in a sun-drenched scene with thundery blue-grey clouds in the background. That mix of texture is the thing I miss most about Spring in the depths of other seasons.

Here in the North of England, Autumn colours are usually fleeting and it’s not uncommon for the leaves to turn their amazing shades of gold and copper and then shed completely without a single sunny day for photographers to take advantage of their spectacle. Spring, on the other hand, takes time to assert itself. Over the Spring transition there is usually a good mix of sunny spells and the opportunities to make use of the light are more abundant.

Good times ahead.

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